President’s Message – June 2020

I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy.  This week we celebrated Memorial Day, when we honor and show our thanks and appreciation to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us so we can have the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy as Americans.  Let’s do our best to extend Memorial Day’s thanks and appreciation to every day for the service and sacrifice made by all those, and their families, who have and continue to serve.  And, let us include all those who are in the forefront of getting us through the current pandemic.

The past 3 months have been unusual, difficult, and scary.  Hopefully, we are getting near the downward slope of this pandemic and can visualize our lives getting back to some form of “normal”.  I know that we all will have priorities and issues to deal with as we return to our post-Covid-19 lives.  We have been away from friends, family and loved ones for many months and the first orders of business will be getting our “lives” back and reconnecting with those whom we’ve been separated from for months.

Over the past couple of months, I have been thinking about how the CFMC can adapt, transition and move forward for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.  As you all know, activities and events are the lifeblood of our CFMC. They provide us with the fun, friendship, and fellowship that make the CFMC something we want to be a part of.  Due to the impacts of the Covid-19 virus, essentially all CFMC activities and events except for the RTT newsletter, website, and Facebook page have come to a halt.  This virus and the reaction to it have gone on for much longer than I anticipated and, the future is still clouded with uncertainty.  I don’t want the lack of CFMC activity to diminish the viability and sustainability of our Club.   It is my hope that once this virus shutdown is over, we begin to get back to “some” of our normal activities and events in a way that is safe and that our members feel comfortable in pursuing.  Realistically this may still be weeks or months away.  In the interim, we can begin to think of innovative ways to interact with CFMC members in lieu of our traditional face-to-face events and activities.

I have asked the Executive Committee for input on the CFMC’s “recovery” from the Covid-19 shutdowns and what we envision for our club for the remainder of 2020.  Obviously, that will be dependent upon the governing bodies’ recovery guidance.  And, understandably, some members will be reluctant to immediately resume activities we took for granted in the past.  The Executive Committee suggested and will be evaluating “virtual” events using tools like Zoom for CFMC members.  Some of you may be familiar with Zoom.  It allows for multiple parties to interact via audio and video connections.  We are considering using Zoom for “virtual” CFMC activities like the Bitty and Beaus socials, group gatherings, and even meetings until we can resume face-to-face activities and events.  I would appreciate receiving member input on your perspective in using tools like Zoom for “virtual” CFMC events.  Please let me ( and Tom Pane, Activities Chair ( know of your interest and willingness to participate in these types of “virtual” events.  Also, I solicit your thoughts and input on how we can continue to communicate, share, and maintain interest with our CFMC membership while we transition to the new “normal” of post Covid-19.  Once we gauge the members’ interest in using “virtual” approaches, we will send out information about events, dates and times and instructions for using tools for “virtual” events.

In the meantime, let’s all continue to focus on service, sacrifice and support for those in need.  Support our local front-line workers, first responders, and local businesses.  We are all in this together and we’ll get through it by supporting and helping each other.  Please follow suggested guidelines and stay safe and healthy.  I look forward to seeing you soon.


Ron Carmichael

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