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President’s Message – August 2022

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable July 4th holiday.  Historically, we are in the latter half of summer.  The waning of visits and vacations and the Labor Day weekend is just a month away.  It is also important to remember that the height of hurricane season in our area runs from late August to mid-October.  So be warned and prepared.

The CFMC continues to struggle to identify monthly events and activities.  Fortunately, Rick and Judy Judson are organizing a September trip that promises to be fun and exciting.  Please see the update about this trip in this month’s Ragtop Tales.  It is still not too late to host a day trip, picnic or restaurant gathering for one of the remaining months of 2022.  I also encourage members to participate in our monthly Bitty and Beaus socials the second Saturday of each month.  While it isn’t always possible to attend these Saturday gatherings, they are a good opportunity to maintain contact with other Club members and help ensure the viability of the CFMC.  As I’ve encouraged in the past, please make sure to contact our Activities committee chairs, Peggy and John Harris, at if you have suggestions for events. I also ask that any CFMC member who has thoughts or suggestions for our Club, to contact one of the officers or committee members listed at the end of each Ragtop Tales newsletter.  If members have suggestions for our Club, we would be happy to hear those and share your ideas with other members.

If you were not able to refresh your memories of our Nation’s founding documents over the July 4th holiday, it is never too late.  The Declaration of Independence, our U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights represent the ideals to which we as Americans aspire.  They are still important today in light of the questioning by some of the continuing relevance of these documents.  Let us never forget that generations of Americans have fought and died, and continue to do so, for the principles contained in these documents.  So, while it is important to appreciate the sacrifices that have been and continue to be made for our freedom, it is equally important to understand why our fellow Americans are willing to continue to make these sacrifices.  Our founding documents explain the reasons why.

Enjoy the coming dog days of summer and let’s get together to enjoy some top-down weather with our fellow CFMC members.  Zoom-Zoom!

Ron Carmichael

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