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President’s Message – October 2021

Welcome to Fall!  Cooler, less humid days are arriving and none too soon for most of us. This time of the year in southeastern NC is a perfect time to enjoy top-down weather in our favorite roadster.   As I write this column, we’re in Banner Elk, NC at approximately 4000 feet of elevation.  The air is crisp and cool, and the upper branches of the maple trees are beginning to turn a brilliant crimson.  In just a few weeks, these hills will burst with the full beauty and colors of fall in western North Carolina.  For those of you who subscribe to Our State magazine, please make sure to read the October mountain issue.

Fall also brings the CFMC to the final quarter of another “unusual” year.  As in 2020, we have had a limited number of Club events due to the lingering aspects of the Covid pandemic.  Despite the reduced number, our events in 2021 have been fun and well attended.   And I’m hopeful we can continue to identify events and activities for October, November, and December.  On that note, an update on planning for our holiday party and annual meeting is included in this month’s Ragtop Tales. Needless to say, 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years for our Club.  I want to express my appreciation to our officers, committee chairs and members, for their efforts in keeping our club viable, and to the extent possible, active.   The encouraging news is that we’ve continued to attract new members to our club in 2021.  I welcome our new members and look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you at one of our upcoming activities.

As 2022 approaches, there are a few business items that the club needs to address.  Please see our Treasurer, Mary Sue Wahl’s article about the 2022 dues.   Also, as required by our Bylaws, I must appoint a nominating committee to solicit interest and candidates for officer and committee chair positions for 2022 and beyond. These positions provide important and critical roles to our club and require members with commitment and willingness to serve our club and its members. Any CFMC member who is interested in being a candidate for an expiring position on the Board (President, Vice-president, Secretary or Treasurer), or a Committee Chair (Activities Director) should indicate so to a member of our nominating committee.  A separate email will be forthcoming from the nominating committee to all club members to solicit interest in these positions.

Finally, a friendly reminder that we’re in the peak of hurricane season so keep your eyes and ears open and those preparation kits and evacuation plans available and ready.  It is better to have plans and not need them than it is to need plans and not have them.  Plans that go un-used can be saved for next year.  And as always, let’s be thankful for the unique and many freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  Please continue to recognize and thank those whose service and sacrifice make our safety and freedoms possible, and let’s each do our part to protect, preserve and defend our American blessings.  I hope to see you all real soon.  Stay safe.  Zoom-Zoom!

Ron Carmichael

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