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President’s Message – November 2021

If you’re like me, you blink and realize it is November.  It makes you look over your shoulder and say, “Where did 2021 go?”  It is hard to believe that we only have 61 days left in this year.  Speaking of days left, please remember that hurricane season continues until November 30.  And that isn’t a fixed date.  Anything can happen, so keep those preparedness kits ready and don’t put them away just yet.  We can hope for the best but must prepare for the worst.   We’ve had a beautiful fall so far here in southeastern North Carolina.  Soon we’ll have those crisp mornings that make us realize that yes, summer is long gone.  But we have lots going on in the CFMC for the final months.  Paul Reinmann is again hosting our club’s Tech Day on November 6 at Stevenson-Hendrick Mazda.  This will be our first Tech Day in the new Mazda facility.  Make sure to watch for Paul’s emails with the final details of this event.  As I mentioned in last month’s Ragtop Tales, we have maintained a viable club during 2021 despite the continuing restrictions and limited number of events.  I am pleased to report that we’ve added several new members this year so make sure to meet our newest CFMCians and welcome them to our club.  Another important business function of the club is the selection of nominations for Club officers and committee chairs.   Under the leadership of Ken Schiess, a nominating committee of Paul Reinmann and Sean Hsu are soliciting potential candidates for vacant positions and continuing positions.  I want to thank Ken, Paul, and Sean for taking on this important role for our club.  The Nominating committee will present the list of candidates to the club membership, and we will vote on the candidates at our January 2022 annual business meeting.  We are still holding the date of January 9, 2022, for our Holiday party and annual meeting.  Please see this issue of the Ragtop Tales for the latest update.  Also remember that November 11 is Veteran’s Day.  This is when we honor, remember, and thank all those who have and continue to serve in our military forces.  I offer my thanks and appreciation to all of our veterans especially those in the CFMC.  They and their families’ service, sacrifice and commitment to our nation have provided us with unrivaled freedoms, safety, and security.  We must make sure we honor them and do everything in our power to protect, preserve and defend the freedoms their sacrifices have given us.  Our Freedom is not free; it has been earned and paid for with the honor, commitment, love, and blood of those who have fought for us and the United States of America.  Let’s never forget that and remember that those freedoms can be lost if we don’t protect and defend them.  Finally, we also celebrate Thanksgiving on November 25.  Despite the hardships placed upon us by the pandemic, we have lots to be thankful for; we are truly blessed to be Americans.  Enjoy the remaining top-down days of late fall and I hope to see you all real soon.  Zoom-Zoom!

Ron Carmichael

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