President’s Message – August 2020

I hope this finds all of our CFMC members safe and healthy and surviving in the continuing climate of uncertainty and change.  We are definitely well into the “dog days of summer” as August arrives.  In addition to dealing with the heat and humidity, we also need to remember that we are approaching the peak period of “hurricane season” in our area.  While preparing for a storm isn’t something that we want to think about with all the other “abnormal” stuff going on right now, it is imperative that we be prepared in the event we must deal with a significant storm.  It is a good time to ensure that we have our emergency preparedness plans in place, including potential evacuation location options.  This year’s planning must also include the need to consider the necessary Covid-19 supplies and materials as part of our emergency planning and preparedness.  Governmental restrictions will come into play if evacuations become necessary so please consider these possible implications when evaluating locations and availability.  So far, it appears as though 2020 could be a very active season.  As always, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


For most of us, the disruptions to our “normal” routines and activities continue, as well as the uncertainty of the future, due to the continuation of the virus and resultant restrictions.  We have made and continue to make modifications to our activities of daily living and our interactions with family, friends, and others.  While our lives have been significantly impacted, I don’t need to remind any of our members what the impacts of the Covid-19 virus restrictions have had on our CFMC events and activities.  The uncertainly about moving forward has not abated very much in the past 5 months.  Consequently we are still considering limited-size, in-person events such as the July road trip hosted by Paul and Rebecca Reinmann, for those members comfortable in doing so, and virtual gatherings for activities such as the Bitty and Beaus second Saturday socials.   As I have indicated previously, I think some type of modified, club member interactions that can be done safely, are important to the continued viability of our club.  I encourage members to consider virtual events and contact our Activities Director Tom Pane with your ideas.  However, the safety and willingness of our members in participating in any CFMC events are our top priority.  Let’s do everything we can to protect and help each other until we get through this pandemic.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will get through this together!  Remember, a great way to enjoy our area is with a top-down drive in your Miata.  Hopefully, we will soon be able to have a group of Miatas enjoying our beautiful part of the world.  Until then, please stay safe, remember to mask, social distance and wash your hands!  I hope to see you all soon.  Zoom-Zoom!

President’s Message – September 2020

I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy.  August was ushered in by a surprisingly severe Hurricane Isaias.  I hope that everyone survived the storm and that any damage you suffered was minimal.  Here in our portion of Brunswick County, damage was particularly extensive on the western portions of Oak Island predominately due to a…

President’s Message – July 2020

Summer has started and it’s July already.  But the beginning of this year’s summer season is hardly like those to which we’ve been accustomed.  Our “temporary” normal continues to impact our lives and activities. Many, if not most, of our traditional July 4th celebrations and activities are significantly altered, on hold, will be held virtually,…

President’s Message – June 2020

I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy.  This week we celebrated Memorial Day, when we honor and show our thanks and appreciation to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us so we can have the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy as Americans.  Let’s do our best to extend Memorial Day’s thanks…