President’s Message – November 2020

I hope this finds everyone and their families safe and healthy.  Although the calendar indicates otherwise, summer weather has lingered as long as possible, finally loosening its grip as we ease into November.  Hopefully, we can salvage a few days of autumn crispness and color before we emerge into the holiday season and winter.  November brings the culmination of what seems to have been a 4-year long election season, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving ushering in the beginning of the end of year holiday season.  While 2020 is nearing an end, for most of us it has been a VERY long year.  This year has highlighted the fickleness of life, how things can change quickly, and how we can adapt to adverse circumstances when called upon to do so.  Covid-19 has not only changed the current lifestyles of everyone, it also creates some trepidation about what a “normal” future might be like.  Undoubtedly, some of the pandemic’s impacts and changes will have permanent consequences.  However, I think we all welcome the coming of 2021 in spite of the lingering uncertainties that we might face.

It has been a very unusual year for our CFMC.  Planned events have been cancelled due to concerns about the virus, needed safety protocols, and governmental restrictions.  Our thanks go to Paul and Rebecca Reinmann for hosting a great trip on October 12.  See the highlights of the event in this edition of the Ragtop Tales.  We have a few club events planned for early and mid-year 2021 and although we are hoping that these events can go on as planned, the pandemic situation, members’ comfort in participating, and governmental restrictions will be the determining factors.  We will continue to conduct virtual events such as our Bitty and Beaus socials and limited in-person events when members are comfortable in participating.  I encourage our members to stay in touch via our newsletter, website, Facebook page and our limited number of modified events and activities.  Once we are though this situation, we hope to have a full and active CFMC.

Veterans Day is November 11. It is a time that we should reflect on those who have served our country and the sacrifice and commitment that they and their families have made for all of us.  I want to recognize and thank all of the veterans in our club.  America’s reflection and appreciation should be a part of every day, not just Veterans Day.  The service and sacrifice of a few have made freedom a reality for all Americans.  Let us never forget what their sacrifices have meant for us and make sure to thank them and their families for their gift of American freedom.  In addition, during this year of Covid-19, let’s thank all of those who are on the front lines of fighting this virus and the ordinary Americans who are supporting and assisting those who have been impacted by its direct and indirect consequences.  Let us thank our dedicated first responders who serve and protect us on the home front and put their lives on the line every day, in spite of the threats of reduced support and lack of respect.  They do the jobs that no one else would do.

We will close the month with Thanksgiving.  In spite of the way things have turned out during 2020, we have much to be thankful for: our freedom, blessings and the privilege of being an American.  Our heritage of working together to overcome any and all obstacles is an American tradition.  And, if we all do our part, we will successfully get through our recent challenges. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again.    Remember how blessed we are as a nation and in spite of our imperfections, challenges and tribulation, the United States of America is still the envy of the world. Let’s be thankful for that.

Please stay safe, healthy and help each other.  I truly appreciate the commitment of each of our members for your support, commitment and service to the CFMC.  Judy and I wish everyone a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving.  Mask, wash, and social distance and let’s look forward to the day when we can safely assemble again.  Zoom-Zoom!

Ron Carmichael

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