President’s Message – December 2020

It’s almost over!  What a year 2020 has been.  I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving even if this year’s celebrations were a little different than those of the past.  December is arriving and with it comes a time to reflect on what the ending year brought and the anticipation of what the upcoming year might bring.  I think uncertainty is the theme of both this past and the upcoming year.  None of us could have predicted the things that will forever define the year 2020.  Everyone’s lives have been impacted by the events of this past year.  Tragically, we have lost many of our friends and loved ones to this virus.  Thankfully, as 2020 comes to a close, there is hope of effective therapeutics and a vaccine on the near horizon.  We are grateful for the selfless sacrifice of our front line workers who continue to fight this disease and the many workers in a supporting role whose commitment, devotion, innovation, creativity, and sacrifice will eventually help us win this war.   While there is a bright light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, many of its effects will linger, some forever.  If we draw on our American traditions of persistence, perseverance, and working together in the face of adversity, we will overcome and adapt to the changes we have faced, both temporary and permanent.  America will come out stronger and more committed as a result.  We cannot change the past, but we can impact today and tomorrow. The effects of the pandemic on the CFMC pale in comparison to the impacts that most Americans have dealt with this year.   Our main goal this year was to maintain the viability of our club. We have survived and like all of us, the CFMC will adapt to the changes, both temporary and permanent, that we will face in 2021 and beyond.

Included in this issue of the Ragtop Tales is an update on our rescheduled Spring Miata Mountain adventure.  The trip is planned for May 17-21, 2021.  Due to the advance planning, preparation and logistics involved in a trip of this magnitude, we are proceeding with our plans. Obviously, we will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and governmental restrictions as this trip is finalized and keep all participants informed.


The CFMC Executive committee had a Zoom “virtual” meeting on November 12.  We discussed the following:

  1. Member voting for 2021 Officers and Committee Chairs:  As reported previously, due to the lack of activity in 2020 and the inability to have our January 2021 annual meeting, we asked officers and committee chairs whose terms were expiring, to extend their terms for an additional year.  Most agreed to do so.   We will need a volunteer to handle our CFMC Facebook page.  A voting ballot with existing candidates and an opportunity for write in candidates will be sent to all CFMC members by blast email.  The results of the election will be included in the January 2021 Ragtop Tales.
  2. 2020 end of year CFMC summary report: Since we are not having our January 2021 annual meeting, the Officers and Committee Chairs will issue an end of year summary to members in January.
  3. Activities for 2021: As a result of our experiences in 2020, we are going to evaluate the types of activities we can pursue in 2021.  Obviously, this will depend on the pandemic situation, governmental restrictions and the comfort of our CFMC members in participating in club events and activities.  We need input on the types of virtual and in-person activities to consider.
  4. Communication Tools for the CFMC: We currently use the Ragtop Tales, the CFMC website, and Facebook page for club communications.  We will solicit member input on the usage, effectiveness and value of these tools and which ones we want to continue, modify, or terminate.
  5. Club member input: Early in 2021 we hope to send a brief questionnaire to CFMC members to solicit feedback on 2021 activities and club communication tools.  Member feedback is very important in determining what types of activities and means of member communication are most important. 

Finally, Judy and I wish each of you and your families a safe, healthy, and blessed Holiday season and a happy New Year.   We have much to be thankful for and look forward to in the coming year.   I sincerely appreciate the patience, support, commitment, and understanding of our CFMC members during this past year.  I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to see everyone again real soon and enjoy the fun, friendship, and fellowship that are the hallmarks of the CFMC.  Zoom-Zoom!

Ron Carmichael

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