Presidents Message – May 2021

As we anticipate the approach of summertime that May harkens, I hope everyone and their families are safe and healthy and that this year’s celebration of Mother’s Day is somewhat more normal than last year’s. Let’s enjoy the remaining days of what has been a spectacular spring before the heat and humidity arrive.  The return to some sort of normalcy from the pandemic appears to be imminent with widespread vaccinations and the easing of governmental restrictions.  It is a great time to begin planning and scheduling summertime events and activities for our Club.  These could include day trips and other outdoor events that will ease us back into activities while still remaining safe and complying with any remaining restrictions.   I encourage all members to consider hosting an activity and coordinating with Tom Pane ( our Activities Chair on planning and scheduling an outing or get together for our members.  We have strived to maintain our club’s viability during the pandemic lockdowns via virtual zoom calls, Bitty and Beaus virtual meetings and a very limited number of safe and well planned day trips.  I would like to thank all of the CFMC members whose efforts over the past year have helped us maintain the CFMC.  It is now time to begin planning and scheduling full activities for the remainder of 2021.

I am glad to say that after much revised planning, rearranging and persistence, our 2021 Spring Miata Mountain Adventure is scheduled for May 17-21, 2021 with 20 fully vaccinated CFMC members (11 cars) participating.  We expect an exciting time as we explore the far western portions of North Carolina and scenic drives such as the Tail of the Dragon, Moonshiners Highway and the Cherohala Parkway among others.  We will give a report on the trip in an upcoming Ragtop Tales.

I hope everyone is able to celebrate the traditional events and activities that May normally brings and that we can begin to enjoy them as we did pre-pandemic.  Of course we also celebrate Memorial Day in May.  Regardless of how we remember this very important day, let’s not forget the sacrifices made by those (and their families) whose courage and commitment to America have fought and continue to fight, defend and preserve our freedoms, safety and liberty.   Many have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the liberty and freedom we enjoy and it is our responsibility and duty to ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain.  I encourage all of us to fight to protect, preserve and defend the rights, freedoms and blessings that we enjoy as Americans.  Let’s never forget that the price of our envy-of-the-world opportunities has been paid in the blood of those brave Americans we celebrate on Memorial Day.

I will see those participating in our Miata Spring Mountain Adventure in a couple of weeks.  And I hope to see all of our members soon at an upcoming CFMC event.  Until then, Zoom-Zoom!


Ron Carmichael

President’s Message – November 2021

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President’s Message – October 2021

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President’s Message – September 2021

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