President’s Message – August 2021

In getting ready to write this month’s column, I had to double-check the calendar to make sure I had the correct month.  I did, and believe it or not, it really is August already.  Summer is quickly slipping by.  Hopefully we are all returning to most of our “former, normal routines.”  One of the positive signs for our Club is the return to in-person monthly gatherings at Bitty and Beaus.  These gatherings give us an opportunity to socialize with CFMC members, at least briefly.  While I understand that many of us are making up for the opportunities with family and friends we were forced to forgo due to the Covid  pandemic, it is also important for our CFMC to have events and activities that will allow our Club to remain viable.  We have had very few monthly Club events in 2021.  As I’ve indicated and encouraged previously, an event can be a very simple gathering of members at a restaurant, a picnic, a day drive or any type of social gathering.  These events and activities are very important for maintaining our Club.  If members are concerned about in-person gatherings, then we need to know that so the Club can consider and make alternate activities available.  If you have concerns about in-person gatherings, please let our Activities director Tom Pane know at If members are not interested in participating in activities in-person, we can look for alternative types of gatherings.  If on the other hand, there is interest in activities and in-person events, let’s get some events on the calendar for the remainder of 2021.  We have been lucky to maintain our Club’s membership and even add new members in the past year.  However, to continue to maintain and grow interest in the CFMC, we must provide opportunities for fun, friendship and fellowship that are the hallmarks of our Club.  The primary means of accomplishing this is through monthly events and gatherings.  So put on your thinking caps and let’s find some fun Miata events for the remainder of 2021!

As I mentioned in last month’s column, we are approaching the peak of hurricane season in this part of North Carolina.  The most important means of surviving a storm is preparation.  (Remember the Boy Scout Motto:  Be Prepared)So, make sure your emergency kits, preparedness plans and evacuation routes and destinations are in place. So, let’s get some events on our Club’s activities calendar and pop the tops on our Miatas!  I hope to see everyone at one of those events real soon!  Zoom-Zoom!

Ron Carmichael

President’s Message – November 2021

If you’re like me, you blink and realize it is November.  It makes you look over your shoulder and say, “Where did 2021 go?”  It is hard to believe that we only have 61 days left in this year.  Speaking of days left, please remember that hurricane season continues until November 30.  And that isn’t…

President’s Message – October 2021

Welcome to Fall!  Cooler, less humid days are arriving and none too soon for most of us. This time of the year in southeastern NC is a perfect time to enjoy top-down weather in our favorite roadster.   As I write this column, we’re in Banner Elk, NC at approximately 4000 feet of elevation.  The air…

President’s Message – September 2021

September means no more post-8 PM sunsets, fewer 90-degree days and Labor Day – sure signs that the summer of 2021 is quickly coming to a close.  Like it or not, we are in the peak of hurricane season here in the southeastern NC.  Our mantra should be:  Be prepared just in case!  We also…