Southport Picnic – September 25

Several of us met on a very beautiful day in downtown Southport. We had to adjust our plans as there was a car show right where I had planned to meet. Oops! Normally Southport is pretty sleepy.

Last minute efforts to notify all on the list to attend (by email) may have come out a bit late. Sorry to all affected. We had our own difficulties as the Fort Fisher Ferry we had planned to take was inoperative and we had to drive around. Oops again!

Regardless, we had a very nice time at Kingsley St. Park – a few blocks north of our planned destination. Attending were Don and Mary Sue Wahl, Brenda and Bob Hagerman, David Tousignant and us, Rebecca and Paul Reinmann. We also met Matthew Lawrence and Nancy Campbell  there and they are joining our club. Welcome Matthew and Nancy!

Paul Reinmann

Highland Games

Saturday, October 6th began with a good layer of fog and mist but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the occupants of 8 Miatas making our way to Laurinburg to attend the 10th annual Highland Games. After parking we boarded a shuttle to the grounds of the John Blue House where the games were in full swing. The opening…

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Great Day at the Car Show

The Battleship North Carolina as a back drop and the British Motor Car Club of Cape Fear as hosts combined to make it a great day for our club and for all who attended and participated. Under the spreading tree the our might Cape Fear Miata Club sat comfortable and cool. We were shaded from…

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Secretary’s Column – January 2018

CFMC membership dues ($25.00) for 2018 were officially due by January 1, 2018. However, for the procrastinators in our Club, we are extending the payment deadline to January 30th. Checks received by January 30th will be kept on the CFMC roster with all the benefits that go with it. Please mail your check payable to…

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