President’s Message – June 2022

Welcome to June and the arrival of hurricane season, Flag Day, Father’s Day, and the first official day of summer.   We also welcome the thousands of visitors, family and friends to our area who will make southeastern NC their temporary home for a portion of the next three months.  I want to use this month’s column to focus on an issue of extreme importance to our club.  Obviously, June marks the start of a busy season for all of us.  But we don’t have a busy season identified for CFMC activities for the coming months!  How can we change this?  By finding events, activities, and hosts for our club for the remaining months of 2022.  June and the other summer months are a perfect time for day trips to local venues, festivals, and sights.  We just need members to step up, plan, and host a trip.  Our monthly Bitty and Beaus gatherings are great, but we need to have more inclusive events and activities to keep our club active and viable.  We seem to have great participation whenever we have a CFMC sponsored activity.  So, what does it take to identify, plan, and host an activity?  YOU!  I challenge all members to step up and suggest an activity for this summer; a picnic, restaurant meal, day trip to a local venue etc.  We all have things we enjoy doing with our Miatas and it is very likely that other CFMC members would enjoy doing these things as well.  So how about offering to share your fun Miata experiences with others as a host of a CFMC outing?


While the pandemic has had long-lasting and adverse impacts on our club’s events, things are beginning to reopen and we have an opportunity to resurrect the fun, friendship and fellowship that are the hallmarks, and the lifeblood, of the CFMC.  I certainly appreciate those members, many of whom are repeat hosts, who have implemented past events.  But we cannot rely on the same members to be responsible for hosting all of our activities.  We need members who have never hosted an activity to step forward and volunteer to participate in this important role of being a CFMC member.


While I don’t intend to chastise, I do challenge CFMC members to remember the importance of not only being a participant, but also a host and implementer of club events.  Please contact our CFMC Activities committee chairs, John and Peggy Harris at with your ideas and suggestions.  Enjoy these long days in your Miata and share those with your fellow members!  Will I see you soon on a CFMC event?  I certainly hope so.


Ron Carmichael

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