Tech Column – by Ken Schiess

As we approach Tech Day it seemed appropriate to write about some of the challenges one could encounter with the NC model.

First is the top. As the NC’s age, (the newest now 5 years old and the oldest 15) tops begin to reach end of life, especially if they have been exposed to the weather. Originally they came with either vinyl or canvas tops, depending on the model. Accordingly, replacement tops are available in both vinyl and fabric. Vinyl tops are priced in a range from $300 and fabric tops are a bit more ($660 by Robbins from Moss Motors). Both have DOT approved glass rear windows with electric defrosters.  This does not strike me as a DIY project. I’d suggest speaking to Paul Reinmann (who has had his replaced) and Luis Rivera, Service Manager at Hendrick Stevenson Mazda for installation suggestions.

The second issue is getting water in the car or in the trunk from clogged drains that should take the water that enters between the roof and the car body behind the windows. Once clogged these are a real pain to clean, so the simple solution is to keep them clean. Whenever the car has been left outside (especially where there are pine needles and/or small-leaved trees), vacuum the drains out.  If it’s too late for that, I’d recommend talking to Luis about using Tech Day to access the drains. That will likely require removal of the plastic panel behind the seats unless he has a trick or special tool that you could use.

Beyond that, the Miata MX5 doesn’t seem to have any major issues or even very annoying little issues.  Keep it clean and it will continue to look great, and keeping the oil clean will help it run seemingly forever.

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