Tech Column – by Ken Schiess

I spent a few minutes chatting with Mike at National Speed today. I was wondering if they do Miatas and what one might do to improve performance without forsaking drivability (quiet, fuel mileage etc).

He was amazingly patient explaining to me that tuning, while not cheap, was one answer to my question. For models NC and ND, there is a replacement ECM that can be installed and programmed to achieve desired results. It is a bit more challenging for the NA and NB models since you have to install a separate ECM module and related gear and that adds a wiring harness and myriad other bits depending on just how far you want to go.

The shop is located off Gordon Road not far from the Market St./ Gordon Rd intersection. If you have any work done there, the parts they supply, the labor, and the tuning are all guaranteed for one year. If the car needs to be left overnight, it will be stored inside the shop, or if it is to be stored for any length of time, in an offsite climate controlled secure building.

If getting a little more oomph out of your Miata is on your list, Mike seems to be the guy to talk with. His number is 910-500-6808 if you want to chat.

Oh, and by the way, while the Pandemic is raging, they are open for business on a curbside service basis. You drop the car, they sanitize it, bring it into the shop, do their thing, then sanitize it again for you to pick up.

So, if you have been harboring any thoughts along those lines, now may be the best time to contact them. They have a couple weeks lead time right now which would get you done and ready for Zoom-Zoom as soon as the Pandemic is cleared.

I’m thinking that a little upgrade just might be cheaper than buying another car.

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