President’s Message – July 2020

Summer has started and it’s July already.  But the beginning of this year’s summer season is hardly like those to which we’ve been accustomed.  Our “temporary” normal continues to impact our lives and activities. Many, if not most, of our traditional July 4th celebrations and activities are significantly altered, on hold, will be held virtually, or cancelled.  July 4th 2020 is America’s 244th birthday and continues to be cause for our celebration and appreciation regardless of the current situation and resultant challenges we are facing.  We as Americans are persistent, persevering, and resilient especially in the face of adversity.  So, let’s please take time to remember, celebrate, and appreciate the blessings we enjoy as Americans and those who have and continue to provide service and sacrifice to ensure our country’s freedoms and opportunities.  The United States of America is still the envy of the world.

Last month I mentioned that the CFMC executive committee decided to experiment with the use of “virtual” events.  On Saturday June 13, Gina and Ken Schiess hosted a “virtual” Bitty and Beaus event using the video conferencing tool, Zoom.  Approximately a dozen members participated in the video event.  Participants indicated that future “virtual” Bitty and Beaus events should be scheduled, so we plan to continue these “virtual” gatherings for the near future. Please see the activities calendar for specifics.  It was also suggested that the CFMC look at possible “virtual” social gatherings using video conferencing technologies.  Information will be provided to members as these “virtual” events are scheduled.  In light of the continuing Covid-19 restrictions and the understandable reluctance by many to participate in group events, face-to-face CFMC outings are not scheduled for the near term.  Future Club face-to-face outings and events could be scheduled and held, if and when conditions and members’ willingness and comfort in participating allow.   In the meantime, please consider hosting “virtual” events or suggesting future “in-person” activities as conditions allow. So, stay safe and healthy and please help those individuals and entities that continue to struggle during these trying and uncertain times.  We will get through these challenges.  Social distance in your Miata and remember the CFMC will gather again.  Zoom-Zoom!

Ron Carmichael

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