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A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Ron Carmichael

On a recent visit to Hendrick Stevenson Mazda for service, I ran across an article in the Mazda USA publication Driver’s Side.  It was a reprint of an article from the September 1989 Issue of Car and Driver magazine entitled “Mazda MX-5 Miata, the Return of the Honest Sports Car.”  It describes the magazine’s first road test of the newly introduced Mazda Miata. I think the 1989 description of driving the 1990 Miata still applies to today’s MX-5, some 34 years later, as the original characteristics continue in today’s Miata.  The websites below include other articles of the first road test of the 1990 Miata as well as a history and evolution of all Miatas.   I encourage our members to read these articles.  It’s a wonderful and educational trip down Miata memory lane.  While the design and performance specifications have changed over the years, the thrill that comes with driving a Miata remains the same.  As you may be aware, Mazda has announced that the “fifth” generation of the Miata arriving in 2025-26 will be an “electrified” MX-5.  At this point Mazda has not announced what “electrified” means.  Will it be a traditional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) or full electric vehicle (EV)?  Regardless of what powers the 2026 “electrified” Miata, let’s hope the thrill and joy of the Miata that was born in the 1990 model and described in the articles below, continue.

Car and Driver site:

Tested: 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata Brings Pure Driving Joy

A Quick History of Mazda’s MX-5 Miata, from 1989 to Today

Mazda’s site:

Mazda’s Drivers Life (not limited to Miatas)

Soft Top Split

Is your soft top fabric starting to get pinched or split?If you have a Miata with a 1999-2002 soft top with VIN before JM1NB353**0231580, then please check the following Mazda Service Bulletin.

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Side Sill Drainage

Side sills not draining? Ever wash your car and notice that the water doesn’t drain from around the top as fast as it used to? There could be a good reason for that! The side sill drain holes are susceptible to dirt, leaves and other debris. One key indicator – after washing or a heavy…

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Anti-Freeze Alternatives

If you haven’t changed your antifreeze in 2 years, it’s time. There are 2 ways to do have it done: yourself or a shop. It isn’t at all complicated and a shop can even suck out the old without climbing under the car. But if you do it yourself, you will need to dispose of…

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