Soft Top Zipper Care

Do you know the best way to take care of the zipper on your 90-97 Miata’s rear window? When opening your top, you should always unzip the window before lowering it to protect the sensitive plastic window from being damaged. If you already do this, great! However did you know that there is also a way to help protect your zipper from damage? It’s important to unlatch your top to relieve the tension before unzipping or zipping your rear window. And when you are raising the top, stop just short of latching it and zip up your window first. That way, you don’t zip the window in under tension. Hopefully many of you are already doing this, but we’ve seen enough fellow Miata owners who don’t…so we hope this helps! 

Soft Top Split

Is your soft top fabric starting to get pinched or split?If you have a Miata with a 1999-2002 soft top with VIN before JM1NB353**0231580, then please check the following Mazda Service Bulletin.

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